Connecting is in your pocket

Mobile sites are obviously designed for the small screen, with the needs of mobile users in mind. If designed correctly, a mobile-friendly site can help your business connect with potential customers and turn viewers into customers.

Mobile users expect their experience to be as fulfilling as their desktop experience, and considering that it’s projected that by 2014, more people will access the internet via mobile devices than desktops, it’s imperative that a business has a correctly designed mobile presence.

Mobile technology marks a fundamental shift in how we live.

The content of a mobile site must be condensed, so viewers get the bare essentials, and have enough information for them to interact with the site.

No matter how they connect—by search engine, by the domain name, by clicking an email link, by sharing through social media, a website should just work for everyone connecting to it. If visitors have to figure out why a website isn’t working, they wont stay around for long.